Elluminate Webinars

  • The online webinar sessions will be held the virtual meeting environment "Elluminate". Prior to each session, your Team Leader will be given a web link to share with all team members. This link will enable one to download the software and access the virtual meeting space.
  • To attend the meeting participants will need a computer with a a high speed Internet connection and headset with a mic.
  • It works best if Team Leaders are available to help get all team members logged in a few hours before the scheduled meeting to troubleshoot any glitches in advance.
  • Someone will be available one hour prior to each Elluminate meeting to help make logging in a success.
  • It also helps if teams are not in the same room during the Elluminate sessions, however, it is doable, (a bit annoying), but doable if you have a headset.

Schedule- Times (8:30am MST and 12:30pm MST) choose one session to attend

(10:30 am EST and 2:30pm EST)

Session 1- Jan. 19, 2011 Kevin Honeycutt- Digital Storytelling 101-Making Narrative Exciting

Session 2- February 16, 2011 Dean Shareski- Video Techniques in the Classroom

Session 3- May 25th, 2011 Alan Levine- 50 Ways to Tell a Story

Fall Semester Dates:

Sept 21st, Oct 12th, and Nov 16th

Culminating Event: Week of Dec 5th