The El Paso ISD Instructional Technology Team

Each Fellow should choose two teams to adopt. This means you will work with those teams to help support them through the PLP adventure. Since there are 12 of you and 22 teams- 11 of you choose 2 teams each and list them in the cells next to your name. One of you will float and help where needed. We will let you guys work that out.

Teacher Team
Teacher Team
Clay White
Fried Brains
and Tomatoes

Joe Meza

Beckie Soltero
Team 2: LINKS
Team 15: Lost in CyberSpace
Earl Yager
Team 19: Table 19
Team 14: Mixed Nuts!
Sherita Martin
Team 7: Lucky Sevens
Team 18: Play Pal
Brian Grenier
Agogos 13
Stan Brown
Team 8
Team 12
Robert Rocha

Larry Nelson
Team 9
Team 10
Karen Wright-Balbier
Cloud 3
Ashton Graham

Chris Sherman

Tim Holt
Team 22

Margarita Gutierrez
Vote for Pedro