- Administrators provide support by: listening to and collaborating with staff, and budgeting, scheduling, and staffing.
- Administrators should set example by: Attending staff development, Implementing what they learned by providing sample lessons and actually teaching them
- Cabinet needs to make sure technology becomes a priority, and understands the challenges each individual community faces


- Get back to basics. Allow teachers the creativity and flexibility to enable students to develop higher-order thinking skills and to develop a lifetime love of learning
- Teachers should have the freedom to evaluate students through project-based learning rather than a "cookie-cutter" test "one size" does not fit all
- Technology needs to be available to ever student access to technology will provide sophisticated interactive learning strategies for student success


- Consider redistributing technology equipment to make it more equitable
- The district will explore the feasibility of adopting a one-to-one initiative
- The district will ensure for a constant and reliable equipment maintenance


- One planning day every 9 weeks to catch up
- Maximize a number of minimal number of programs

Professional Development

- All campuses need one or two certified tech teachers paid by the district to train teachers, students, etc on programs and equipment
- Every month or regularly we should have "hands on" training with after training support to reinforce what we have learned
- Develop real PLNs/PLCs not during conference times


- Test to measure individual student growth
- Online assessments
- Less testing