admin out of date on technology due to them being out of classroom for a while.
funding for equipment
district initiative to ask for technology
not enough technology programs / more choices
not enough time to incorporate technology

admin too worried about STAR that technology is being put to the side
teachers having to justify how lesson will help STAR testing to admin
transition to technology is not easy for teachers to start incorporating technology in classroom
curriculum is too fast to stop and incorporate technology

  • Class sizes are increasing, especially bilingual classes, because of budget cuts. Needs more balance.
  • Upper grades: assessment pressures become overwhelming and people are hesitant to take the time to invest in alternate ways of learning. Safer to stick to older methods.
  • Told to use certain strategies and aren’t allowed to deviate from those strategies.
  • Not enough time to target certain needs of students, especially those that are low.
  • Middle School: teach all 3 grades, two subjects, so the requirement to have to be all places at once make it difficult.
  • Manpower is an issue, especially for technology instructors because there are so many trainings that have to be conducted and so little people to hold the trainings.
  • Lack of communication. Communication is prioritized around the less important tasks than actual curriculum.
  • Lack of technology outside of the classroom and the opportunity to get to that technology that is available.
  • Lack of passion as the school year goes on. District incentives are pushed to the front.
  • Morale is low because older teachers do not want to change their old ways. They negate the change rather than find a way to incorporate it.
  • Resources are not available at many schools so that things can get started.
  • Because of the lack of time, many activities have to be held after school.
  • Lack of organization of knowing what to do and when to do it.
  • Our own self. Hesitant to reach out to those people who do know the technology and learn. Don’t want to ask stupid questions.
  • Releasing the control and hand it over to the children.
    • Lack of collaboration with other teachers
    • Flexible schedule
    • Time constraint due to testing
    • Teachers buying into the idea
    • Incorporating for test preparation
    • Equipment
    • Resources
    • Freedom for being creative, we’re told how to teach and when to teach it
    • Many students economically disadvantaged at home, no computers or
    • Some staff or teachers don’t believe it helps they think it’s just games
    • Technophobia, they don’t want to use it
    • Collaboration where all teachers are involved
    • Computer lab is on a set time, need ability to go in when needed
    • When students go to computer lab teachers are trying to catch up on work and we need more time to teach students how to use technology
    • Resistance from some veteran teachers
    • Administration does not address teachers who don’t integrate technology
    • Using technology in classroom causes noise level to go up and it’s a concern that administration may not understand
    • Not enough computers or technology in the classroom
    • We need to really try as individual teachers to take a leap with technology and just do it
    • Curriculum needs to be changed to include technology
    • Staff development needs to have more focus on how to incorporate
    • Need curriculum to incorporate technology
    • We need to have the shift from teachers using the equipment to teachers using the equipment
    • We need the technology support in the classroom i.e. providing SmartBoards, projectors, projector bulbs
  • Teachers refuse to embrace technology, curriculum demands, teacher are not trained and ignore the training available and don’t make time, teachers are afraid of letting students take over, time constraints and many demands, mandates have moved from differentiation because of the notebooks requirements because of accountability, not enough equipment, assessment requirements, teaching linear for teachers and students, when state testing goes digital we will embrace technology, TEKS are outdated, cookie cutter method administration needs to embrace the change also, teachers depend on technology experts to do the teaching and preparation, admin requirements reflect fear for not following requirement for accountability, lack of support from admin, make do with what is available, sometimes we place constraints on ourselves, maybe a little at a time with the use of some technology everyday
  • Funding, time, administrative support, support within grade level not seeing the benefit of it, not forward thinking, too much time,
    principals want tangible object to pass around to show what teachers and students are doing, old school ideas, pencil paper project,
    people moved around to different grade levels, teachers not comfortable in new grade level, administrative decisions, unhealthy competition between teachers,
    central office demand for portfolios, common assessments and reteaching for common assessments
    not wanting to buy into the technology, teachers are afraid to use the technology because it is outside of their comfort zone, too many demands on teachers, no time to learn the new technology,
    teachers resistant to change, teachers are teaching the way they were taught many years ago (old school),
    teachers not wanting to try the technology, no motivation to change
    technology problems, internet down, too much wait time when technology doesn’t work, students sitting in limbo waiting, other teachers do not like it because they are worried they will also have to make changes (peer pressure).
    Must do foldables, notebooks
    Teachers feel like they’ve already had success doing what they’re doing, so why change.
    Scope and sequence moves too quickly to allow for enrichment activities
    No time

    1. Assume you are convinced that change in needed and student directed inquiry, passion based learning and connected learning…….What barriers or constraints are keeping you from achieving this in your world?
    Annette: teachers opinions, re: equipment breaking, fear,
    Rudy – time so many interactive notebooks that have to be checked
    Jill – not a lot of barriers but the learning curve is huge (changed grade levels), for school fear of unknown
    Becky – I agree – time issue, teachers would love to do it but too much to do. We have computer labs, teachers want to art & orchestra
    Evelyn – demands put on us, TESTS, time for them to produce & learn how to do things. Other things are overwhelming, pressure because it’s a testing grade. Kids would really benefit
    Miriam –
    Patrice – if each child had a personal computer, shared computers & labs – it’s just not doable. Of classroom computers, only one can access the internet effectively. I don’t have enough time
    Veronica – don’t have access to the computers. Sharing computers isn’t successful. Following curriculum – projects take two weeks
    ??? – new curriculum, preparing for an unknown test, admin emphasis on journals “coloring in the line”, class size makes it hard – kids at different levels, different technology comfort levels, access to number of computers; time/technology fault line
    Gregory – general unwillingness to even get started. Yes resources are limited, time if limited but you got to start somewhere.
    Jessica – I agree with all of you
    Shirita – my situation is a bit different….. schedule training but trying to get teachers to attend. Afterschool, on-line, web, teach for the sake of students learning not for the test at the end of the road..use the technology. Your students would succeed and you would be the model for others
    David – ditto… I don’t consider myself a teacher some days, I’m a test administrator. Spending time making pretty notebooks. Money is a limiting issue.
    (What is the deal with these notebooks?.......)