Most people felt that the main problem is time. In addition, the other demands made on teachers can be an obstacle. The time it takes to learn new technology can also be a problem can be an issue. There is also not people available to teach or provide assistance. There are some great ideas, but at times it is a matter of making a choice between what the campus is demanding vs focusing on something more creating. Searching for a good creative activity can take time, and it demands effort. The administrators support us, but being part of a focus school also adds pressure. This can kill the passion of both students and teachers. Others also felt that access to equipment when needed is an issue. The upfront costs of preparing for a lesson can be an issue. There is also little time for follow up. It is important to have an environment that is conducive to the use of technology. If no one else in campus is supportive, it is difficult.

  • I station - too much time for tier 2-3 kids
  • Ability to train teachers- not feasible
  • We make our own obstacles
  • Equipment breakdown – people to fix
  • Full plates for teachers
  • Private school- not enough tech
  • Not enough tech for all students to use with all students.
  • Dealing with people unwilling to change and try new ways and mess up
  • Lack of computers/ lab time once every two weeks
  • Laziness to prioritize
  • Using labs for what they should be used for
  • Not making technology a priority to use
  • Too many different agendas, not following through on them.
  • Ah-ha moments happen but no follow through!
  • Technology can be used later in the year because of TAKS
  • Present information in more than one way
Problems with tech integration:

Lack of proper training
Attitude of teachers and admin
Admin support
Prep time
Lack of equipment
Fear of time on task
Scheduling: stations or comp lab
Priorities: tech at the end
No assessment tool to gage benefits
Scheduling: walkthroughs on task
Outdated tech, incompatibilities
TIME and exposure
Hands tied by curriculum
Time constraints
Class loads and several assessments
No emphasis on tech


• Time
• Limited equipment
• Working around the curriculum
• Fear and confusion- trying to do something new
• Funds
• Something extra to get done
• Unwillingness to change our ways
• Insecure- not enough training
• Lack of a support system
• Overwhelmed with assessments- back to time
• Too tired
• Training give you the only the basics
• We didn’t know what to expect
• We were grouped with people we didn’t know all over town and it was
harder to communicate. Our generations still need some face to
face(comfort zone).
• Unclear on what the project was supposed to be
• Very little time to work with our groups was provided making the
planning of the project more stressful.



  1. Time – students and teachers with requirements
  2. Using hardware/equipment and websites
  3. Having fun with technology
  4. Computers and Internet not working
  5. Blocked sites
  6. Communication
  7. Funding
  8. One-on-one computer relationship (Lab vs. classroom computers)
  9. Required software use – different priorities

Barriers from making this work

Teaching students how to use the technology tool takes time

Bits and pieces of tools and resources make it difficult to bring a project together such as the need for an elmo and a projector and only having one tool.

Not enough technology to go around the school, need to share w many
Time to learn the technology before using it

Integration of the curriculum necessary in order to keep in line with the TEKS, which requires planning

Integration of all the tools are there for some campuses and lessons are happening in the classrooms, as an administrator it is difficult for us to find time to use the new tools introduced such as the Ning website

Understanding the value of technology is essential, good lessons using technology can be useful if they can be tied into the curriculum, ready made lessons w connections are easier than having to spend the time finding them ourselves, would like to have district technology curriculum writers help find those connections for us and have the resources within easy access, teachers would use them

It's about the students, empower them to take initiative and use it, allow them to explore within boundaries, they can teach each other and the teacher,
Knowing which tool to use and when is a challenge
Need motivational training with incentives

Barriers to Integrating Technology
  • not every teacher has the time in the classroom and out of the classroom
  • time--in class and out of class
  • infinite amount of time
  • motivation --how to get teachers to participate
  • getting teachers to actually do it because it is viewed as "extra work"
  • disgruntled teachers
  • lack of administrative support
  • not doable due to time constraints
  • an investment--know it would help but something has to give
  • told what to teach and do at all times --no time to be creative
  • need to be treated as professionals
  • here's the script and it needs to be followed whether it is effective or not
  • every child learns differently yet PLORE is told to be taught to every child, therefore we are not creative which in turn limits students creativity
  • only teaching strategies
  • being dictated to as to the approach or style of teaching we are to use
  • technology difficulties cause us to be off task
  • there are a lot of glitches with time constraints
  • teacher needs time to learn in order to teach the students
  • collaborative group work with teams from different schools was difficult
  • curriculum does not allow students to fall out of the mold
  • AYP is causing to much pressure
  • no guidance